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By Alan Giles

Carrier bag rage

Alan Giles

Alan Giles

After an exhausting but satisfying day at yesterday’s Retail Forum I arrived home to find my wife calming down (slowly) from a carrier bag rage moment. The reason: Marks & Spencer’s attempt to charge 5p a bag to carry home £10 worth of items for dinner. Her anger was magnified because minutes earlier they had been only too happy to give her an over-sized, over-spec’d bag for the £5 strappy top she was buying. Of course she consolidated all her shopping into that bag, but the incident brings home how easily retailers can land up with nonsensical contradictions in their laudable attempts to save the planet.
The whole policy – rather a difficult one to implement at city centre stores where the customer’s car is some distance away – is in stark contrast to Tesco’s “inform the customer, incentivise the customer (through Clubcard green points) but let them choose”.

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